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5 games to try on the Samsung Gear VR


When it comes to VR, the place many of us jump to is asking about the games available.

We’ve gone through the Oculus store to find some of the best games available for the Samsung Gear VR. There is a decent selection of games to choose from, and not ones you’re likely to be acquainted with yet. Here are some of the gems you may have been missing out on thus far.

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1. Totems in Dreamland

Totems in Dreamland

Totems in dreamland almost feels like a platformer built to be played in VR. You play as a young sleeping boy who must collect various totems while he dreams. Your goal is to make it across each level filled with floating and disjointed platforms. You’ll have to jump from platform to platform to collect items, totems, fix the platforms and make it to the end of each level.

The controls are interesting for sure, and make use of the 3D quality of a VR game. A floating red icon directs your character through the level. Tapping on the touchpad will make him jump, and a double tap will give you a long jump. While you will come across enemies they can be easily dispatched by jumping on their heads.

It’s an interesting, and wickedly fun game which is available on the Oculus store for free.

2. Shooting Showdown 2

Shooting Showdown 2

If you’re a fan of shooting games, then take a look at Shooting Showdown 2. It isn’t so much a first person shooter VR game, as it a variety of mini games that put your shooting to the test. Face off against other people if you play using an internet connection, or against yourself in practice mode. There are three different areas of play, with about a dozen levels combined.

The levels come in a few flavors, but they’re all fairly similar. Shoot targets of various size and distance, check your reactions with a game in which you shoot only when the light turns green, or work on your aim with a game in which you shoot at dice; aiming for the highest numbered side. The controls are easy, as you might suspect. You’ll see indicators during gameplay showing where you are aiming, and to shoot all you need to do is tap the touchpad. As far as reloading goes, just look down and you are set.

Shooting Showdown is available for free now on the Oculus store.

3. Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Smash hit is a game that starts out pretty quick, and never really slows back down. Your goal through the game is to smash through obstacles by firing balls at them. Sometimes this means blue crystals which will give you a bonus after you get several in row, allowing you to shoot multiple balls with a single tap. At other points the obstacles you will face come in the form of glass doors, buttons that must be hit to advance to the next stage, or even gigantic hanging double helixes.

To control the game all you need to do is tap on your touchpad to fire your ammunition. This was easily the most fun game out of the bunch. The only warning we’ll dole out is that if you play for too long at a stretch the Gear VR may heat up, which means you’ll have to stop playing for a little bit. The good news? The game has automatic checkpoints meaning you can pick your game back up after things cool back down.

Smash hit is available for free on the Oculus store.

4. Temple Run

Temple Run

If you’re a fan of playing games on mobile devices, Temple Run is probably familiar for you. Well now it’s available to you to play in VR. It’s just as much — if not more fun as the original. You’ll have to outrun the beasts guarding the temple while trying to scoop up as many coins as you can, avoiding obstacles like ledges, gaps in the path, rockslides, and trees in your way. The sound of the guardians just behind you when you stumble, or their shadows to your left and right make this a really fun game to play in VR.

Temple Run has the same basic controls as the original game, though you obviously input them a little bit differently. All of your actions are controlled via the touchpad, unless you’ve hooked up a gamepad to play with. You swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, and swipe left or right to move left or right. As you might expect, this is a blast to play in VR.

Temple Run is available now in the Oculus Store.

5. Playhead


Playhead is a very short, but definitely different kind of game. You are playing within an electronic music simulator in order to help fix the music. While there isn’t a ton of content, it’s a innovating take on what VR games look like. The graphics are awesome from the original panel in which you sit in a 360 control panel with a computer speaking to you from various computer screens. This is another game where you don’t need to worry about steering or navigation, as you’ll be propelled forward through the game.

The controls are fairly simple, and all work through your touchpad. Holding your fingers down on the touchpad will open what looks like a normal music control menu. You can fast forward, rewind, pause or play. The most important two will be rewinding and hitting the play button, as you fix the electronic song. Between stages, you’ll see a gorgeous landscape that is built, and then flowers as you fix the musical score.

Playhead is available for absolutely free on the Oculus store.

Your favorites?

So there you have it, 5 of the games that caught our eye for the Samsung Gear VR. There are plenty more to look at, but these five should at least get you started. Whether you’re a fan of arcade style games, shooting, simulation, or even music, there is probably a VR game out there for you. Did we grab any that you’re fond of, or did we miss a good one? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Android Central

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