Cuphead Mobile Gameplay


Check out some footage from the unofficial Cuphead mobile game that created all the buzz for the wrong reasons.

An iOS version of the run-and-gun platformer Cuphead found its way onto the App Store on Monday, December 18, but was taken down after it was confirmed to be a scam. There’s also an Android version which the video footage showcases. According to TouchArcade, the game appeared to look official — with screenshots, support page links, and all — but was confirmed by video game developer Studio MDHR to be an imposter app.

Cuphead is based on a cartoon that literally has a cup for a head. In the game, Cuphead and his brother, Mugman, have to buy their souls back from the Devil after a night at the casino goes wrong.

After years of anticipation and released footage, the game was officially released in September. It’s currently available for Xbox One and Windows 10, but Studio MDHR has yet to release anything for Android and iOS.

While the app looked real, the support link associated with it was registered to someone who isn’t listed as part of the Studio MDHR staff, The Verge reports. Before it was taken down, you were also able to actually play the version of Cuphead using touch controls but it was low-resolution and the touchscreen was glitchy.

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