Knights Chronicle – Everything You Need To Know!


Feel the adrenaline pumping action of Knights Chronicle and the explosive on-screen action right on your computer. The anime-inspired video game sensation is now ready to be played around the world with the Android release of Knights Chronicle. A terrible tragedy has befallen this once peaceful world, and now it is up to you a group of brave warriors to save the planet and every man, woman, and child upon it.

Ushering in a new era of high-quality RPG games for mobile platforms, Knights Chronicle is packed with crisp, HD graphics that rival top-notch console titles, with a story that is epic and grand. Fully-animated skills are brought to life with the Dynamic Camera to make Knights Chronicle the only game you will need to play

Knights Chronicle and everything you need to know about Netmarble’s latest RPG on Android in the video above and here are more reasons why you should definitely playing it using Bluestacks.

Installing Knights Chronicle on your PC is easy!

While there are hundreds of powerful characters to recruit on your adventure, the one team member you should never go into battle without is BlueStacks. The free Android emulator gives everyone the chance to experience the greatest and most action-packed video game titles without worrying about added costs or hidden charges. When you unlock a new world of fun and gaming on your computer, you can ditch the annoying wireless contracts and expensive overage charges associated with mobile gaming. Instead, you can get right into the action at home by downloading Knights Chronicle directly to your hard drive, eliminating the need for wireless service or a mobile device. With BlueStacks 3, you can now use any Android game or app on your PC or Mac.

Stream Knights Chronicle to the world!

In today’s increasingly social gaming world, the only way to truly enjoy your gaming time is by sharing that fun with your friends. As BlueStacks has been created by the gamers that are actually out there playing Android titles every day, the video game broadcasting feature has been made as easy and accessible as possible to detract less from the actual playing and enjoyment of your gaming time. With the ease of one-click controls, anybody can start streaming Knights Chronicle to massive online platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch, and even Twitter. It has never been easier to make new friends and play with old ones right from your home.

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