Mousebot Review (Android)


The best things in life are brie (pun intended), and the same goes for indie developer Vector Unit’s latest platform runner, MouseBot. But before reading any further, do be warned; if you didn’t like our cheesy pun in the first sentence of this review, don’t even bother with MouseBot, as the game has enough cheese-related puns to make even your dad’s most cringe-worthy jokes seem like a piece of (cheese)cake to endure.

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Racing through 65 levels in MouseBot while gathering enough cheese to unlock new skins and accessories to pimp your mouse is a thrilling experience with new obstacles introduced every so often, making for a nice difficulty progression.

The overall gameplay experience is made even better by not including any obtrusive ads, and despite a life-based monetization system, where you are given 6 lives to begin with and an option to pay to instantly re-generate all lives if you don’t want to wait for them to re-generate over time, the game can still be played for extended periods of time without running low on lives. As with everything else in the game, the monetization is nicely calibrated and doesn’t ruin the experience at all.

Another greatly appreciated feature in MouseBot is found in the settings menu, where we get to choose between three different control setups, making for easy controlling on any screen size.

Vector Unit has always been known for their high-quality mobile games, and if anything, MouseBot is even grater than its predecessors (alright, no more puns – promise!).

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