Neon Chrome Review (Android)


Neon Chrome is a great dual stick shooter that came out a while ago on iOS but just got released on Android recently and it has a lot to offer when it comes to design and replay value.

Contrary to the shiny imagery of the title, Neon Chrome presents a pretty dark world where people are all housed in a mega structure and oppressed by the architect of said structure.

Somehow, you–the protagonist–are able to establish a neural link with and take control of resistance members and have them battle their way up the floors of the building to overthrow this evil leader. Along the way, you’ll fight all manner of security measures in the building as well as learn more about your enemy and their motivations.

Neon Chrome is first-and-foremost an arcade-style dual-stick shooter, but it incorporates some roguelike elements, which add to both its difficulty and replayability.

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Every game of Neon Chrome you play, you choose a character that has their own set of stats and starting weapon. As you make your way up floors of the building, you’ll find upgrades, find new weapons, and even install cybernetic enhancements to make yourself more prepared for harder enemies. If you die though, all of these earned powers go away, leaving you with just some credits to buy persistent upgrades, and maybe a checkpoint to start your next run higher up in the building.

The thing that really makes Neon Chrome click is just how many little mechanics and systems in the game and how they all work together to both create challenges and empower the player to overcome them. Things like stealth, environmental destruction, hacking, super moves, shields, armor-piercing, and more can and will factor into your sessions with Neon Chrome.

Since the game also procedurally generates its levels, you’ll always find yourself using different combinations of these systems no matter whether you’re just in the first floors or just about at the top.

As fun as Neon Chrome is, I can’t let go of how confused the game seems about what its aesthetic is. Everything in the game menus is neon soaked, but with a dark Peturbator-like vibe, but most of the in-game visuals are just kind of gray and muted.

This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but Neon Chrome could definitely benefit from a more colorful and inspired set of visuals.

Regardless of looks, Neon Chrome is a well designed and super fun dual-stick shooter. It’s sheer amount of content and systems is bound to keep you playing it over and over for a good long time.

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