Punch Club Review


Another retro inspired game trying to cash on our nostalgia? Is what many would think by glancing at this game but let’s get one thing straight, it is certainly not the case with Punch Club.

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The game throws you in a story inspired by the Rocky movies and other 80’s fighter flicks while mixing in the modern sim/Tycoon mechanics with some beautiful retro pixel graphics and a soundtrack that matches the atmosphere and it works great.

Without trying to spoil too much of the game, you’re in charge of a fighter whose father got murdered and you need to find who did it, in the meantime, you need to stay fed, well rested and happy and to eat, you need to buy groceries which requires you to earn money so you’re going to have to take on jobs (Construction, pizza deliveries..) and balance your schedule between daily life chores, training at the gym and winning fights in order to climb up the fighting scene, make a name for yourself and get to the bottom of your father’s murder.

The story branches out into two main paths, you can either┬álegitimately climb the rankings of the Punch Club or take the shady route which involves taking part of illegal street fights, there’s also a plot where you put on a mask and rise as a hero helping victims of crimes by beating on villains.

Training takes place at the gym or your home (Once you get enough cash to buy the necessary equipment) and it makes you gain strength, accuracy and agility, you can choose to focus on one or the other based on the fighting style you decide to go with, there are 3 fighting styles available and you get to unlock new moves in your chosen style by winning fights.

So to wrap this up, Punch Club is very immersive and an excellent addition to your Android game library that will get you a lot of hours of fun and it’s unbeatable value for the price ($4.99)


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