Rayman Adventures Review


Rayman Adventures review is here, read on to find out whether it’s worth playing on your Android or iOS devices.

Rayman is ready for his third adventure on Android with the brand new Rayman Adventures. The familiar Rayman style returns with an action platformer set-up that is designed around swipe controls. Rayman runs automatically, and you either tap to jump, swipe to attack, or swipe to change directions as you race through various environments. There are multiple worlds, and each set of levels leads to unlocking an egg that hatches a companion to help you in a specific game mode.

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Rayman Adventures features numerous worlds that will give you one of four types of game modes. There’s collect the lumes, fight the enemies, find the hidden objects, and rescue in time. Each mode presents a unique challenge, and the variety keeps things fresh as you strive to collect the egg at the end of each sequence of levels. The game is definitely familiar if you have played other Rayman games, and yet it seems the formula has continued to be refined. Rayman Adventures offers the most inviting set-up yet to be accessible to a wide audience, and the game still manages to deliver fast paced platformer action.

There’s a lot to play through in Rayman Adventures, and it’s easy to get into and keep going through all of the included levels. The game does trend towards the easy side with fewer dangers and chances of mistakes than similar games. Also, the path forward is always clear, as are all of the objectives tied to the different modes. You can see the action laid out in front of you, so there are few surprises, and you’re always ready to perform the drawn out platformer elements. That’s not to say the game isn’t fun, it just isn’t the most challenging of experiences. It still makes for quick action fun with short chunk levels that are quick to go through. The game is also free to play with little restriction to fully enjoy the game for free with no energy meter, and relatively free flowing in-game currency.

Rayman Adventures (Free, Universal) delivers quick action entertainment that is well worth picking up.

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